Case Spotlight: Isaiah Hill

House of Renewed Hope is currently working on the exoneration of Anthony Green, a man who has been serving time in prison for 22 years for a false rape accusation. 

Anthony's cousin, Marcus Green, accused him of rape while Anthony was in his late teens. However, since that time, Marcus has had a change of heart and is willing to recant his accusation.

House of Renewed Hope completed a polygraph test with Marcus to verify that his new testimony was, in fact, truthful. With the successful completion of the polygraph test, HRH is hopeful that Anthony Green will be exonerated near the end of Summer 2017.

True Conviction is a documentary about House of Renewed Hope and its work to free innocent prisoners. The film follows Christopher Scott, Johnnie Lindsey, and Steven Phillips as they investigate cases, mostly surrounding the journey that led to Isaiah Hill's parole. 

The True Conviction team was honored to receive the Special Jury Mention Award for the Best Documentary Feature at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. True Conviction also received the award for Best Documentary at the Oak Cliff Film Festival.


True Conviction

Christopher Scott, Steven Phillips, and Johnnie Lindsey reviewing documents. Photo: Jack Thompson/Men's Journal

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House of Renewed Hope

Isaiah Hill eating lunch with Christopher Scott, Steven Phillips, and Johnnie Lindsey after being released from prison.

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Isaiah Hill was arrested in 1968 in Brownwood, Texas after being accused of robbing the front desk of a motel. He was tried and sentenced to life in prison based off of little evidence and shaky eye witness accounts. 

After receiving a letter from Isaiah's cell mate (Isaiah did not know how to read and write), House of Renewed Hope set out to investigate the over 40 year old case. The investigation lead to numerous dead ends and obstacles, most notably having to track down a man named Don Wallace who was with Isaiah at the motel and supposedly was the real perpetrator but blamed the robbery on Isaiah. When HRH finally located Don Wallace, Wallace admitted to having done the robbery that Isaiah had been in jail for since the late 60's. However, Wallace still refused to testify that he had committed the crime despite the fact that his confession would not be incriminating.

Without a confession from Wallace, exonerating Isaiah became a tall order for HRH. However, with passion and dedication to investigating all ends of the case and to receiving justice for Isaiah, House of Renewed Hope was able to get Isaiah parole in 2016, meaning Isaiah was free to leave jail with an ankle monitor after HRH had secured him identification and housing outside of prison.